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Our mission is create a masterpiece heirloom that will tell your story to future generations. We treat every project with individual passion. We grew up with high morals and standards which evolved us to be perceptive to human emotion. We have backgrounds in teaching, music, and drama. We understand human emotion and how to translate it visually.

Man with Cap
Image by Rowan Chestnut

College graduate with more than 15 years of experience in editing video, 2 years in cinematography, 2 years photography and 13 years, composing, mixing, and mastering music as a hobby and for a living. I understand human emotion and have an artistic sense for capturing it evoking emotion through music and motion picture.

College graduate with more than 10 years of experience in choreography, music, and drama. I sing at churches, weddings, masses, and other ceremonies. Ron and I work as a team in capturing and producing a work of art that will be a timeless piece of your legacy.

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